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Hello Chris,  Wow!  Just back from the range.  Received my Handi-Rackers today and I am a very happy old man.  Chris, you don't know how much it means to me to be able to shoot my pistols again.  No man wants to ask for help.  Your Handi-Racker is a great product and I am thankful to have found it.  What a great gift for my Legion buds and family.  Thank you!!  Best Regards, Jon


As an aging gun enthusiast, I am saddened to look at my collection and know that I have problems racking the slides. I've tried an old wetsuit to aid in my grip, and I've even thought of having a couple of ears welded onto a couple of my favorites. Recently, I saw a product called Handi-Racker (handi-racker.com) in small medium and large for $20. Hoping against hope, I ordered a size medium and it worked great on my Taurus PT940 and PT938, as well as two of my most difficult slides to rack, a Walther PP and PPKS. I'll be placing an order for a large and small version shortly. I can't tell you what a wonderfull feeling it is to know that, after giving up skydiving, shark filming, and white-water rafting, I can again have full confidence in shooting my pistols.

Col. Will Young (Ret.),

Bellevue, Kentucky

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Received my package today and can now easily rack my M&P Shield with no arthritis pain. Thank you for your vision of a product that will help us all,Also would like to let you know the personal handwritten Thanks is a good touch in todays business world,i would advise you to keep it up as long as possible.
                                                                                                      Thank You  Lonnie R.

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for this simple yet perfect tool for racking the slide on a semi-auto pistol.  I purchased it for my wife's LC-9 and it fits perfectly, allowing her to have total control and ease of manipulation.  She has weakness in her left shoulder which makes normal slide movement extremely difficult and even painful.  She likes the Handi-Racker.  And now, I feel better about buying her the LC-9 that I thought would be the perfect gun for her, but which she could not operate comfortably.


I will recommend this to everyone I know who uses firearms--even us he-man types who don't need it!  It is a cool tool.


Thanks again,





It was nice meeting you and your wife at Randy's place the other day (Central Iowa Shooting Sports). I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and have a hard time pulling the slide on most pistols. Randy had me use one of your devices on an XD45 and had no problem racking the slide. I couldn't have been happier because I have a PT709 that's tough for me to pull and now it's not an issue anymore. It works well enough that I'm going to get a second one and try to mount it near the front vertical tube of my wheelchair to have it handy when I need it. I wish I'd have thought of it. Keep up the good work.

Wain M


Got mine yesterday, works as advertised.  It's hell to get old and have to use toys, to use your toys.

Steve M

Hello Chris, I just wanted to say thank you for showing me the Handi-Racker. I purchased one for my sister. After years as a beautician, she has developed arthritis in her hands. I brought her the one used for the P3AT and she was delighted to discover how easy it was to use and how easy it was to work the slide. I was so impressed, I bought a larger one for my wife's 40. Whereas she does not have arthritis, it helps during practice at the range when working the slide multiple times.

I would highly recommend the Handi-Racker to anyone who has difficulty working the slide on their gun and for Thanks,


Thank you Chris for the fast response, unlike so many other companies.

I have received the two units.  I am delighted to say a supper product.

I have cancer and drugs I take have effected my ability to rack my hand guns. This is a fantastic product. You may quote me on that.



 (Live life)



Got both my Handi-Rackers today. Terrific product. You should sell a million of theses things. As an ex-marketing manager, I would make sure that this item is called to the attention of all the lady gunners out there. That alone would make your yearly quota. Do you sell any other items?

Best of luck and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thom Sutton

Dear Chris:  I have found your Handi-Racker to be ideal for racking the slides on my 1911s. I am a post polio and have basically only one good arm. This device has been a godsend. Thank you so much for marketing it. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks again, Robert M.

Chris, I ordered the medium size racker you advertised for handicapped or women to rack
A semi auto pistol. This is a great invention.   Thank you
Jeff W



    First, let me say that your product is elegantly simple (as some of the best ideas are) and highly useful.  My business partner and I are currently using your products in our HQL (Maryland) class, which is now a requirement for the purchase of a handgun, as of Oct. 1, 2013.

Thank you for a such a fine, utilitarian product!

    I have taken your large and modified it to fit the Glock 20 & 21's that were coming through our class with older and/or weaker handed students.  Will you be making an XL version of the Handi-Racker? 

Respectfully, Moose

Chris,  The slide racker is working well for me.  My left hand has been kind of chewed up with arthritis, a broken finger and thumb surgery, so I don't have the grip strength to rack my XD9 with my left hand.  I've been switching the gun to my left hand, and then I can rack it with the right.  Now with your gadget I can continue holding the gun in my right while racking with the left. Thanks for a great product and prompt shipping! John S.

Hello Chris, I just wanted to say thank you and to mention how well the Handi-Racker works for people who have difficulty working the slide on a gun. I know a retired couple who live in a rural area. The gentleman has been in and around guns all of his life an has no issues working  his .357 Sig. Its a beautiful gun but his wife has never been able to chamber a round with it. His concern was that she would not be able to use it heaven forbid she ever needed to. I picked up a Handi-Racker for them to try. With a brief instruction, his wife was able to rack the gun without issue. The Handi-Racker is now kept along side the gun in their home. I will be recommending the Handi-Racker to my family and friends. Thank you, Jason

Chris, I got the handi-rackers in yesterday and they work like a charm. it'll be a handi Little helper for wife and daughter.  Paul

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